Build Credit in College

college creditCredit scores are important because they help lenders and creditors evaluate an individual’s likelihood of repaying what he or she owes. Maintaining a high credit score is absolutely necessary for college students because as soon as they graduate, they’ll be looking for jobs and apartments, applying for credit cards, and/or applying for home or auto loans. Continue reading


5 Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Insurance

insurance tips

For financially savvy people, finding the best financial service requires a careful, stair-step process through which they secure the ideal service for their needs. The meticulousness assures that the money spent or invested is sure to yield positive results. This is an even more significant process when finding the best insurance, regardless of the type of insurance it is. Continue reading

Looking for mortgage financing? Know how credit scores influence your mortgage rates

mortgage rates Aside from your income and job stability, another important factor used by mortgage companies to determine whether you can get a mortgage or not is your credit score.

Credit scores are what helps lenders determine how much you are going to pay for the interest rates of the mortgage. Generally, a high credit score means more affordable interest rates options for you. Continue reading

For Good Jobs You Need Better Credit

credit reports job

Too many people assume that going and applying for a job is easy. After all, the employers would just check on your previous employment, skills, and resources.

But, do they?

Contrary to some reports, there are those who check your credit history as well – and these could derail your chances of landing that desired position.

Here are some of the things that, as an employee, you should know regarding your employer and your credit history.

Learning Financial Responsibility

Learning Financial Responsibility

Avoid Committing these Money Management Mistakes

It’s safe to assume that a good plan is the key to a sound financial life. But sometimes, it’s not just knowing what you should do.  In order for you to efficiently take a financial step forward, you have to also avoid making a mistake that will make you move backward. Continue reading

Child Identity Theft: Protect your kids from being victimized

child identity theft

What Every Parent Must Do to Protect Their Children’s Identity from Being Stolen

Identity theft is a problem that continues to plague many consumers. But now, the problem has escalated on a new level – child identity theft. It occurs when an unscrupulous individual obtains a line of credit using a child’s identity.

Parents should be more prudent when it comes to protecting the identity and name of their child, because when thieves get hold of any piece of information about the kids, it’s just a matter of time before they start racking up charges and bills under the child’s good name. Continue reading