Infographic: 5 Apps for Easy Financial Management

The ways in which we manage our personal finances are changing all the time, with technology having a particularly large part to play in the personal finance revolution.  You probably already use your smartphone for all manner of things, so why not use it for monitoring your finances, too?  In addition to your personal banking application, you can also use a number of great budgeting apps that will help you keep track of your in-comings and outgoings.  You can even use it as a motivational tool for hitting savings targets if you’re really serious about sorting your finances.

This infographic features five of the very best paid apps available on the Android platform that will help you take control of your finances, plan ahead, and always know the situation you’re in.  Never again will you be left short at the end of the month or find yourself relying on a payday loan!


This is a Guest Post by David.
David is a self-employed contractor who uses UK-based accountants to
ensure his tax affairs are correct and he is always paying what he 
needs to.  David lives and predominantly works in London, and uses 
finance applications to plan his personal budget each month.

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