Unsecured Wireless Causes to IDentity Theft


Having an unsecure wireless router is the simplest way for people to use your personal Internet connection. Some simply use this free Internet access provided by you, but others can exploit this chance to cause serious problems, like invading your privacy or accessing your sensitive information.

In today’s digital age, it’s necessary for all of us to check our online accounts once in a while for any updates or new important messages.

People will look for ways to find an Internet connection, mostly through free public Wi-Fi, but sometimes, they also use unsecure personal wireless connections.

Do you have a secure wireless router at home?

Take note that aside from ordinary people, hackers can also take advantage of your unsecure wireless network to perpetrate illegal activities online, spy on your Internet usage or even hijack your sensitive personal information.

You can prevent all of these by setting up a password and enabling encryption to limit the number of people that can connect to your wireless network.


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