Movies = Money Lessons

watching movies

Many movies offer great themes about money and finances. They delve into money issues both directly and indirectly and are worth watching either alone or with the whole family.

Perseverance, financial literacy, importance of education, overspending, poverty, the value of savings and control over finances are some of the most commonly used themes in movies.

Depending on the aesthetic value of the film and the context of the story, these financial lessons can serve an important purpose in the lives of the characters.

For instance, in the animated film “Up,” the protagonists strives hard to save their money in order to achieve their life-long dream.

Meanwhile, in the drama film, “Precious,” the protagonist chooses to leave her abusive parents to get an education, so she can live independently and take care of herself.

There are more films that are worth watching; you just have to dig deeper into the story to get the lesson they intend to relay.


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