Build Credit in College

college creditCredit scores are important because they help lenders and creditors evaluate an individual’s likelihood of repaying what he or she owes. Maintaining a high credit score is absolutely necessary for college students because as soon as they graduate, they’ll be looking for jobs and apartments, applying for credit cards, and/or applying for home or auto loans.

All of these can be much more easily achieved with the help of a good credit score. Therefore, the best time to establish your credit score is during college, and one way of doing this is by managing your finances aptly. Simple activities like avoiding late payments on your monthly bills, opening financial accounts to save extra money, and using credit cards responsibly are some good ways to help enhance your credit score.

Remember that you have several years in college to properly manage your finances, and once you make proper financial management part of your regular habit, it’ll be easy for you to keep your credit score impressive as an adult.


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