Child Identity Theft: Protect your kids from being victimized

child identity theft

What Every Parent Must Do to Protect Their Children’s Identity from Being Stolen

Identity theft is a problem that continues to plague many consumers. But now, the problem has escalated on a new level – child identity theft. It occurs when an unscrupulous individual obtains a line of credit using a child’s identity.

Parents should be more prudent when it comes to protecting the identity and name of their child, because when thieves get hold of any piece of information about the kids, it’s just a matter of time before they start racking up charges and bills under the child’s good name.

Protect your child from identity theft by safe-keeping any documents related to their identity, such as their birth certificates and social security information. Also, you need to be very careful when giving out personal information about your child to organizations, schools or hospitals; make sure that you know how the information will be used and protected by that organization.  Always remember – your kids’ safety should be your top priority!


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