“Back to School” Season is here – Protecting Children’s Identity

back to school

Did  you know that child identity theft is a serious problem now?

According to the 2012 report by the Javelin Strategy & Research, around 2.5% percent of the US households have had children victimized by identity theft. The primary reason for this is that child id theft is only noticed once the child reaches legal age and is denied credit because of bad credit caused by fraud.

Do you want identity thieves to prey on your kids, as well?

Now that it’s back to school season, you will be busy filling out the enrollment documents and school registration  forms for your children.  There’s a lot of personal identifying  information exposed to schools and organizations, but you must be extra cautious in terms of protecting their sensitive data, because if thieves  get a hand on those, your child’s identity could be used for ill-created profits.

Therefore, not only do you have to be careful with whom you  share it outside of your home, you must always protect your child’s documents and keep them in a safe place at home. And never forget to teach your kids about keeping their identities safe, as well.

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