What Employers See in Credit report?

Job applicants will likely undergo a series of background checks before or after the screening process. This includes checking your credit report.

Your credit report helps employers verify that the information you have provided on your application is accurate and confirm your eligibility for the position.

When employers conduct a credit report check as part of your application, what will they see?
Can they get the same information that lenders see when requesting for your credit reports?

Do you answer yourself?

Keep in mind that employment credit report check is different from the credit check-ups conducted by lenders. The purpose of this credit report check is to verify all the information provided by the applicant during job application and not to determine his or her eligibility to get approved for a loan.

Thus, there are differences on the things employers see in credit reports as compared to the information seen by lenders: employers cannot see your credit score, the list of account numbers on your credit accounts, or your age and date of birth.


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